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You Show Them How

My New Year’s crew. If there’s a party, these humans are on my “A” list.

At our NYE dinner for 12, we asked each one & our friends to recount what they were proud of in 2023. Their answers all centered on decision, effort, and habits. My kids were proud of athletic achievements, school grades, bible reading streaks, etc. I loved hearing them brag on their work and the outcomes of that work.

Try that today with your kids. Ask them what they did that they’re really proud of. Yes, set intentions for 2024. I’m all about that goals life. But, also - give yourself credit for what you did do in 2023.

I’m working on a message to moms of teens for a MOPS group in February and here’s what I want them to know. The things you want to see in your kids? Healthy habits, confidence, self efficacy - you get to model this. It’s not selfish to go after your own health, habits, and goals because when you do this - YOU SHOW THEM HOW. My kids are figuring out who they are. They’re not copies of me, but the same principles stand. Deciding who you want to be, what habits line up with that identity, then setting goals and benchmarks and SYSTEMS (habits) to see those things come to pass. This matters.

What I’m most proud of in 2023? You’re looking at it. These smiling faces. The grit, determination, the hearts of our 4-pack. I’m proud of my work here and the fruit I’m seeing in their lives. We are working to launch them well.

Happy New Year, my friends. What are YOU going after in 2024? I’d love to know.


Stacy Barrett


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