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True Gratitude for The WFH Life

Work from home life. It’s not always Caribbean cruises. A lot of times it’s zooms & calls from my kitchen table in workout clothes.

While working from home may not always look glamorous, I’m thankful for it! With 4 kids at home and a few sick right now with allergies & colds raging, I’m thankful that I can be home and not have to call in or juggle much for doctors appts.

Are there times it can be stressful? Sure. But, compared to when I had to go into an office, or arrange childcare, or head out when I didn’t feel 100% - it’s like night and day.

Work is a part of life, because it costs money to live (unless you’re independently wealthy and - if so - kudos to you! ). Having the option to work around my family as much as I can, doing work that feels really rewarding and contributing to our family’s finances? This is a gift I don’t take for granted.

Are there times I’m unavailable to them. Of course! It’s still a job, but they have NO IDEA what life would be like if I was working and commuting 50-60 hrs a week! And, I can guarantee you in a traditional job to earn the income I earn, that’s the minimum I’d have to put in.

If you’re curious about how coaching works practically (I had questions about compensation and time requirement before I started, TBH), let me know - seriously, ask questions!

Curiosity is free! This could be a blessing for you to supplement your income or help you pursue your own health in a more serious way and you’ll never know if you don’t just check it out! I never thought I’d want to do this and turns out - I love it!




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