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Health Coaching

I help you win the weight battle, build healthy habits, and become the best version of you!

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A friend of mine started health coaching. I watched her share on social media and knew it was working - for her. I was skeptical at first, but finally, I was so desperate I called her and said, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but I have to lose some weight.”  


I wanted something easy that delivered results. That’s exactly what I got. My coach told me that the most expensive part of the program would be buying a new wardrobe. She was right! 


Together, my husband and I lost over 110 pounds, and I’ve dropped more than 10 sizes. The freedom I’ve found and the mental clarity I’ve discovered has been life-changing


I believe the best way to stay accountable is to teach, so I decided to become a health coach and help others find the same freedom I did. 

Now I get to coach and lead an awesome community of coaches every day! I’d love to help you win the weight battle, be the best version of you, and grow in the habits that will keep you there!

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I want you to know that you don’t have to settle for failure. You can be confident in your body, healthy in your habits, and full of energy and mental clarity. I have the medically-proven health system to help get you there. Book a free health assessment with me today, to determine which of my health programs is a fit. 


Eat on purpose.

“You’re more than what you put into your mouth, Shannon,” her friend told her. “But if your eating isn’t under control, nothing else will be.”

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Get healthy. Be happy.

The system is built on the four pillars of community, coaching, habits of health, and daily fuelings. Because the system is proven and a support community is hard-wired into it, success is assured if you’re serious and motivated and follow the steps.

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Certified Health Coach




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Thanks for reaching out! I've received your message and will be in touch ASAP!

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