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Habits are the goal

I’ve tried EVERY diet out there. I’d do great for a week or 2, lose a few lbs. White knuckle success then fall off a cliff back into a pizza. Can you relate?

What I know now is that health is like the laundry, you’re never finished. I mean…how could you be?

The goal isn’t a jeans size, it’s to work on your habits in a way that fits your actual life (not your dream, one day, on vacation life) that allows you to move through your days with energy, vitality, and purpose.

To just START improving your habits in a way that actually works until those habits become second nature - it’s just who you are. Along the way - you’ll probably hit that jean size. And, let me tell you how much easier it is to get dressed now!

In our house, we talk about how we “eat according to our goals.” I want you to know - getting to your healthy weight? Forming the habits that will keep you there? This is an acceptable (and science-supported) goal for a lifetime of health. After losing 50+ lbs, my energy is better, my sleep is improved, and I spend far less time feeling self conscious or trying to stay out of pictures, find clothes that aren’t terrible, and just plain thinking about myself.

Don’t stay stuck in the failure cycle here. Reach out because I know I can help.




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