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Metrics matter

Heres what I know about myself. I LOVE a good challenge and a timeframe to lean into more structured periods of discipline - along with daily, sustainable year-round habits. I also LOVE getting metrics beyond the scale!

I woke up bright and early the other morning to go to my neighborhood CrossFit for another InBody scan. I’ve been in a Fitness challenge with my fellow coaches for the past few weeks and another three weeks between between now and our coaching rewards trip - a 6 night all-paid cruise to the Caribbean.

Metrics matter! It’s not just the scale - although your weight is a key metric of overall health - your body comp is the thing to watch! We want to lose the fat and GAIN the muscle.

Inbody says…I’m up 2lbs of muscle and I’m down 1lb since last April thanks to weight training, nutrition, & our essential amino acids. This same history shows I’m also up a 4.4lbs total from last May thanks to perimenopause & some uneccesary snacks.

I don’t love THAT, but I’m not worried! I stay within a very healthy 5-8 lbs range, and I’m ready to really focus these next 6 weeks. My goal is to decrease Body Fat% & gain muscle. My plan? Structured nutrition with tons of protein & EAA’s, strength training or 10k steps a day, a 6 week micro-dose of peptides, + regular check-ins with my coach!

I’m ready!!! Have you ever done a scan like this? I’d love to know! Are you a believer in short term bursts of focus like me?


Stacy Barrett


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