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Mom, You Don't Belong on The Sideline

Why do I coach? Because I think yoga pants should be worn to your fitness class (or wherever you FEEL like wearing them, ha ha.)

Just not in the pool.

That’s me on the left years ago.

I’ve been there! And - It’s my passion to help women feel good in their skin. Maybe getting in a bikini isn’t on “your list.” I’ll be honest, it was NEVER on mine.

I just wanted to be done with THIS. Sitting on the sidelines. Never getting in the pool. Always self conscious. Sweating my tush off, next to the water and never in it. 5 years ago I’d had enough. I reached out to my coach for help. With her help & this program, I lost 50+lbs and changed mt habits forever.

If that’s you right now? I get it. I can help.

I don’t need you to get “bikini-ready.” I just want you to know that you can.

I coach a simple, foolproof program that works for just about any lifestyle. You’ll get QUICK wins early, which will keep you motivated to go the distance.

I’m ready to help more folks feel amazing. And - I have a significant savings to offer new & returning clients who are ready to “commit to health”. Reach out if you’re tired of where you’re at and you’re ready to make a change. I’d love to help you, too.

Because yoga pants don’t belong in the pool. Moms don’t belong on the sidelines. And, change is possible.




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