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There will always be people with opinions...

Lean in, I have something I think we all might need to hear. ❤️

If you are going to step out, be brave, have an impact there are going to be people with an opinion about it. There ARE going to be people who push back. There ARE going to be people bent on misunderstanding you.

I’ve been unfriended in real life and on FB, criticized, talked about unkindly, ignored, and mocked. I've been told what I do is insignificant, annoying, that I’m too much, had my motives questioned.

👆🏼NOT my people. NOT my tribe.

When I think about it, “those” people have had an opinion about everything. Long before me.

Why is it that we tend to focus on the hater, the one that hurts us, on the “no” instead of the yes? On the one that steals your joy instead of the ones that can bring you joy. Stop ✋🏻 doing this!

I remember a powerful conversation I had last year with a friend who spoke truth when I was going through a particularly painful rejection.

She said, “Don’t let that one hurt person with those hurting words cancel out the other 5 you’ve impacted and their words of gratitude.” Wow.

Think about that... for every 1 negative, hurtful thing - chances are you have FIVE positives. Don’t let that backwards math wreck your focus. 😕

Because here’s the truth ...

I've been thanked 🙏🏻.

I’ve been appreciated.

I've been friended by people all over the world.

I've been recognized for my efforts 🏆.

I’ve helped people get their confidence back.

I’ve helped people break chains ⛓ of food addition.

I’ve helped people learn to live their best life.

I’ve helped people pay off debt.

I’ve had more personal growth than I could have imagined.

I've been able to change lives while changing my own.

I’m role modeling work ethic, health and wellness to my kids.

I’m supporting my family while helping others do the same.

I’m helping others DREAM again and see their worth! 💯

The point of this is that there will ALWAYS be naysayers and people looking for someone to blame. If people aren’t talking about you, than you’re not making enough noise about the impact you’re making!!! #truth

Do opinions determine your success? ABSOLUTELY NOT! At the end of the day - who pays your bills, determines your family’s goals, writes a meaningful legacy and build dreams? That’s all you.

Never let anyone stop you from going after something you want. Use any hurtful and naive words as your motivation to work harder and get there faster💥!

It’s your life, so fulfill it, with PASSION and PURPOSE. We are chasing my dreams, and want you to join us and chase yours too!!💕.

Yes, I’m talking to you ... I can’t wait for you to lock arms with me and decide you are WORTH IT. Where are you at?

What might you accomplish if you weren’t afraid?

I’m here, friends. I’m still standing. And, I’m building an incredible community of like minded folks who are taking their gifts and impacting their communities. I’m not saying there won’t be fear. I’m not saying there won’t be pushback. What I AM saying is that the transformation on the the other side - for you and for the people you will impact - that it will be worth it.

There’s room at this table for you. Let’s grow.




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