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The Secret of The Daily Routines

Honestly? I would rather sit straight down to coffee in the mornings. Duh. But, I know it’s the daily habits of our lives that stack up to create order and peace. Lack thereof will breed disorder & chaos. This isn’t meant to be judgy, so please hear my heart.

I struggled for YEARS with energy. My kids always beat me up & from the second I opened my eyes, my days were chasing ME. Anyone else?  Over time, as I’ve pursued health, my morning routine has evolved. And - it’s nudged earlier and earlier, out of necessity, as I’ve stacked on more things that matter.

It’s a JOY to get to fold my kids’ clothes and help keep them in order. With how close in age they are, if I don’t do this, everyone’s things get jumbled and lost. They put them away, but I fold & separate while listening to a podcast, book, or training first thing before coffee. The more I put it off? The longer it takes. Like any habit, right? The longer we delay or procrastinate - the more it piles up. If I do one load most mornings it just takes a few minutes.

So…let this be your weekly exhortation. The right, tiny habits can help you create the life and home you want. Would it be easier to sit right down to coffee? Yes. And, sometimes I do. When that happens, I don’t feel bad and I don’t stress about trying to make it up during the day. I simply fold a little extra the next early morning that comes around. I have a system and a time for it.

I don’t know if you struggle with energy, like I used to, or if you’ve got a different obstacle to a morning routine. Whatever it is - share below  - maybe we can help each other. And, if you’ve got a non-negotiable in your morning routine, share that too. I’d love to know!


Stacy Barrett

“You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

- John C. Maxwell


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