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Raising Boys to Be Men

I recently finished a book recommended to me by our pastor written by Nancy R. Pearcey, “The Toxic War on Masculinity.”

I couldn’t help but think of this book all weekend as we built homes in Tijuana. As a mom of boys I want them to embody biblical masculinity in a culture that would like to tell us that masculinity is the problem.

Pearcey writes, “History teaches us that masculinity without morality is lethal. But masculinity constrained by morality is powerful and constructive, and a gift to women.” And, “when masculinity itself is portrayed as a problem the implication is that the only solution is emasculation."

This weekend, I saw my sons’ manhood on display, their strength in the service of a family alongside our team. A family who - today has a dry roof over their heads and a concrete floor, new beds, a kitchen.

As I sat this morning and contemplated this reality, it was raining hard outside the home in Coronado where we were staying. Today, San Diego, Rosario, and Tijuana experienced epic flooding. As we tried to leave town we made an attempt at a freeway exit and came across this car that was literally floating away. My son threw the car into park and he, his brother, and friends went RUNNING down the street to the aid of whoever might have been in the car. Thankfully, it was only one man who was able to exit and wade to higher ground.

When my boys were small, I lamented each passing season. Yes - I rejoiced and worked to squeeze the life out of every season - but it was still hard to see them grow. In this stage, I’m just proud.

The whole point all along was to raise MEN. Men who would run hard towards those in need. Men who would spend themselves in the service of others - even when, & especially when, it’s uncomfortable. Men would do the work to be strong in all the ways - so they’re READY when help is needed. I’m beginning to see glimpses of this and it’s so, so good.


Stacy Barrett


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