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Headed home!

Like a horse headed for the barn, we are all excited to get HOME today.

We crossed A LOT of things off our family adventure and travel “bucket list” the last half of 2020. We took an extended family RV trip, we spent a quiet, meaningful Thanksgiving in Tahoe. We got to sled & ski. We finished phase 1 of fixing up the investment property there and signed a lease with some great tenants until we head back for summer. Icing in the cake was time with Tim’s sister, brother-in-law, and parents at her ranch yesterday. ❤️

Here’s the thing - HOME for me is wherever these 5 favorite people & 2 pups of mine are. But, goodness - I do love my actual home in AZ, my neighbors, our neighborhood, family, and friends there.

I’m beyond grateful for the freedom and the ability to travel safely. I’m grateful for quality and quantity time with my people. I’m grateful that we “stole” these months of connection with my kids while they’re under my roof. They’re growing SO fast and time is flying by. Now, I’m grateful and excited to be headed home. To settle in, rest, enjoy Advent, & re-engage with our AZ community.

Travel is great fun, and simultaneously exhausting. Each time, we can’t wait to get home.

Thanks for sharing this journey with us.


Stacy Barrett


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