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Freedom Chasers

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Freedom. Chasers.

10 years ago we made a fundamental decision about the direction of our lives to pursue FREEDOM. We chose equity over income, autonomy over security. We went broke in the last recession and lost all the things. We decided - in the wake of the housing market crash - to rebuild in a way that allowed us to control our time. The housing market crash was painful, but it also presented us with an incredible opportunity - alongside a lot of hard work - to change the course of our lives. When you go to zero, the only way is up.

It didn’t happen overnight, but these investments, this hustle in the margin, allowed us to spend more and more time pursuing adventure. I remember when our kids were small & we first started leaving for 2+ weeks in the summer for what we called the “Barrett family extended vacay.” Which - really was as glamorous as piling all the kids in our minivan for long road trips because finances were still super tight and Phoenix in the summer is 🔥. I remember my kids in those years being so attached to me because Tim was only home at night & those years are all about physical proximity. I remember after 4 days of being together 24/7 how they would start leaning into him and just how beautiful that was. 🙏

Since then, we’ve built a lot of businesses and - in all of them - we’ve built in such a way that allows us the freedom to work from anywhere and organize our lives around what matters most to us.

Somewhere along the way, we decided it wasn’t enough to just have freedom ourselves. We wanted to be freedom chasers FOR OTHERS. We’ve been extraordinarily blessed with mentors who’ve believed in us and poured into us. It’s just natural, in light of all we’ve been given, to want to pay those gifts forward and help others build freedom, too.

I think that’s what truly hooked us with the business of health coaching - this opportunity to pay it forward. 3 years ago we decided to pursue health. We’ve each lost over 50 lbs and found FREEDOM in our health. When my own friends and family wanted me to coach them, I went for it. But - hearing the stories in our community of the freedom our friends have created in their finances and time is what gets us truly excited now. Hello Acunnaa Erika - your story hooked us more than you’ll ever know. 💪

The folks in our coaching community are all freedom chasers after our own heart. In this community, we’ve seen moms AND DADS come home to coach full time and be present with their kids. It’s counter cultural. It’s brave. And - it’s SO awesome.

Guys, if FREEDOM in your HEALTH is something you’d like to pursue, reach out. I can help you & I’d love to be your coach - I have 21 more $50 scholarships available to get you started.

Friends, if FREEDOM in your TIME or FINANCES is something that you’d love to create ... If you’re interested in seeing what I do, behind the scenes, as a health coach, reach out. I would love to invite you to a private group, so you can see what coaching has done for so many to create Time & Financial FREEDOM! You can be a fly on the wall and just read some of these stories of hope and transformation.

I love this week between Christmas & New Year’s because it’s like this PAUSE to stop and think about what really matters and what we want to create in the New Year. What does the best version of you and your life look like? The market crash for us in 2008 was DEVASTATING - or it felt like that at the time. What it really did for us though, was reset our priorities and set the foundation for a change of course that would allow us to create this life we love so much.

I know 2020 for many has been SO hard ... but, my hope in sharing our story is that it might spark hope in you, too. There’s a blessing to be found in each unique season we walk through. Just maybe this setback could be that setup for you, too.

Reach out. I’d love to walk with you to freedom in all the ways. Let’s chase freedom together.


Stacy Barrett


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