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We’re going to fall short...

Moms, no matter how hard we try we try, we’re going to miss things. I’m trying so hard to keep my 4 kids’ schedules & zooms straight. I’ve even engaged help! I have a fantastic couple helping me daily with the kids on their distance learning, and still we miss things.

Today, my daughter had a school lunch on zoom she was SO looking forward to. It was written down, we knew about it, we were planning on it and then... 15 minutes before it was scheduled, one of her brothers had big emotions that needed to be dealt with (I sent him on a bike ride), another boy needed guidance on how to get started on his biology study guide, and then before we knew it, it was 12:40 and we’d missed her special lunch entirely.

There were big tears and man, I felt like SUCH a failure. Is there anything worse than disappointing your kids?

I don’t have any big positive spin or takeaway except, that it’s a bummer and it’s just going to happen. And, right now we are carrying way more than ever before and, despite all our great intentions and planning, things are going to fall through the cracks.

That said... perhaps one of the outcomes of this hard, weird season of Covid might be modeling and teaching our kids how to manage disappointment and how to recover from it.

What we did? I snuggled her into a chair to read along with an audiobook (which I know she loves). I lined up 2 FaceTime calls (thank-you Auntie Tara & Kate Williams) to fill her connection cup.

And, then we moved on.

Friends, we are all just doing the best we can. I believe this WILL pass. May we all have the grace for ourselves and each other that we need to thrive and grow - even in this season. May we look back and be PROUD of how we showed up in hard moments.

I had a pastor’s wife tell a group of us young moms early on a heartbreaking story of one of her children who was struggling with something incredibly serious and how they just missed seeing it, as her parents. In that moment of struggle she felt the Lord tell her, “we all need our own reason to need Jesus.” That’s been a comforting thought throughout my parenting journey, when we want to protect our kids from everything and it’s just not possible. May that be a comfort to you too.




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