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Permissible May Not Always Be Beneficial

Happy Thanksgiving week!! I pray this week finds you happy & healthy & thriving! As we enter this holiday week and season, I’d encourage you to put “your WHY” in front of you! Think about today and tomorrow what it is you truly want!

For sure head into the holidays with a plan! I was reading this morning during my quiet time Paul exhorting the Corinthians to be mindful… “I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial. I have the right to do anything”—but not everything is constructive.”

I KNOW this is in a different context, but this thought speaks to me - permissible? Yes! But maybe not beneficial. As you head into this week, I just remember there’s nothing off-limits you have anything you want. Just make sure that what you’re choosing is beneficial to the goals you are trying to achieve! Is it what you REALLY WANT? I’ve had clients lose SO much, so quickly…like Erin losing 100lbs in 6 months, Sarah losing 160lbs in 11 months, Tiffani losing 101lbs in 8 months because they went FULL ON into 5&1 with no deviating. They were clear on what it is that they wanted! 

That’s not the right answer for everyone, but it’s definitely an option!

Listen to this recording on “Happy, Healthy, Holidays” for more encouragement & healthy tips!! 

Here’s some healthy holiday recipe ideas:

Text me anytime if you need a pep talk! I’ll be out of cell range tomorrow in Payson, but back in cell range for most of Thursday and the weekend!

Schedule your next few checkins here:

Let’s keep going towards the health and life we truly want.



PS: I’m planning to offer some Black Friday savings, so stay tuned! I’m going to offer $75 off to new clients plus double referral credits ($50 credit) if you refer them. And, $30 off a 2 bag order of our Essential Amino Acids!

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