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My "ULP" This Week...

Two hours before I was set to train our team of coaches on a national call the other night for winning strategies to earn an upcoming Caribbean cruise, I managed to slice, not one, but TWO really important fingers. They were bleeding so profusely I gave up on bandaids, wrapped in tissue, then taped as tight as I could so I could carry on. Instead of administering emergency first aid, I actually had this time set aside to finish (or, let’s be honest - START) the final slide deck for this training. And it turns out, it’s kind of hard to type without your thumb and index finger on your dominant hand! #freakmandolinaccident

What the heck??!

I was trying to love on my daughter and help her finish up a recipe for making beet chips and THIS IS HOW I’M REPAID?!

In the book, “The Big Leap,” Gay Hendricks would call this an ULP: “Upper Limit Problem.” He says that - in each area of our lives, there is a perceived cap we have placed on how much career success, wealth, happiness, love, and more that we will allow ourselves to have. When we hit that Upper Limit, we humans will often do something that stops their positive forward trajectory.

This book is challenging us to reframe the way we look at little conflicts, getting sick or hurt, worry, and more as things as “ULP’s” that are within our control. I have to tell you - this mindset shift is empowering.

Am I annoyed that I sliced these fingers and that today I’m navigating life without the benefit of one opposable thumb? Yep. Am I discouraged or deterred? Nope. Of course this would happen. I’m showing up to give value to the world, use my gifts, and love my family. Why would I ever expect it to go perfect?

My friends, life isn’t about the absence of problems. Victory is found in the shift of awareness - asking, “How am I impacting these things?” And, taking ownership to be the boss of your life and show up anyway. Ridiculously bandaged fingers and all.


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