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Living Summers On Purpose

This first picture was taken on a summer trip nine years ago of Tim & our daughter at his grandma's. It’s amazing to think how different our lives are now as our kids have aged. When the kids were younger, I was home 24/7 and Tim worked a traditional job with traditional hours. The kids might see him in the morning for a few hours and again in the evening.

But then, nine years ago, we started extending our summers away for more quality time with each other - doing more remote work. I realized that after about four days, Tim would relax more and the kids would relax into him, as well. They were so used to me that it took a few days for them to start going to him, too, if that makes sense. I became obsessed with quantitity time. If we only took a weekend here or there, we would never get this. This summer rhythm has been important to our family - time with the 4-pack together & 6 of us snuggled in close.

It started as couch surfing with whatever family would host our crazy crew, and it’s evolved over the years. It’s meant less time with friends and sports in the desert, and more time with each other and adventure.

This year looks different with high schoolers fully invested in sports - which we celebrate - but it’s so important for me to look back and see how this value of quantity time has served us. I’ve loved this medium & sharing the journey as it’s allowed me to relive all these adventures and nature and creativity over the years. It gives me insane gratitude for the purpose and intention through which we’ve directed our vocations.

As I write this, Tim & the youngers are camping their way to the lake. I’m here in sports mode for one more week with the bigs. Looking forward to all being together again and having some quantity and quality time at the lake soon.

My friends, live on purpose. Do the things that matter now. Organize your life around what means the most to you. Make STEPS in that direction. Time really does fly.

Xo Stacy


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