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Here we go...

Tim & I are back in the “fixup” saddle again. it’s been a long time since we’ve lived in a fixer-upper - well, a few years anyway - and here we are.

We purchased this 3 bedroom home in the neighborhood in Tahoe we’ve been dreaming of as a summer place for years. The market during the pandemic is CRAZY in Tahoe as there are a lot of folks, like us, who have the ability to work and school from wherever they want to be right now. We got into a crazy bidding war on our first choice and then jumped at this one because, for some reason, it had been overlooked and was still listed are last year’s prices.

This home has been long neglected and is definitely in need of some TLC. It was a VRBO without much maintenance (if any) over the years. It’s crazy outdated, but there’s a lot of potential! And, it’s on the water. ❤️

On the list... outside paint, major removal of overgrown foliage, new dock (the last one sunk 😂), and a complete inside overhaul...

I’m good with that, though, because I’d rather not pay a premium to buy some else’s taste.

We have our list of what has to be done now, what we can do ourselves, what must be (& what we can afford to have) hired out, and dreams for future reno projects (like a big master bathroom redo at some point.

Our plan is to stay here and fix it up this fall, while we do distance learning, and run our businesses - for as long as all of that is working. Once it’s updated, it will be an investment property and a rental that we hope to return to every summer.

Stay tuned!

❤️ Stacy


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