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Freedom - to leave the house!! Ha ha!

Why are we smiling today? Because after 3+ weeks of being quarantined at home, my kids & I are finally CLEAR to leave the house. #thankyouJesus

The good news is that we are all well! One of my boys was exposed to Covid, then gave it to his brother, then the other brother, then Tim and it all just drug out to a month long thing. Mercifully, no one was very sick (minor cold symptoms for the boys), it just took forever! AJ and I never got it.

You know what happened in my business these past 3 weeks? I’ve launched 3 new coaches in my organization around the country. I’ve started several new clients. I’ve continued to support my existing clients to their goals. I’ve “met” with my team virtually and my local coaching team met with each other, in person, to grow at a local coaching event. Our coaching is autonomy supportive - meaning that, as coaches, we support the goals of our clients and coaches - but their success doesn’t DEPEND on us. They have SO many tools beyond us as the coach. More importantly, we do all of our coaching virtually. I’m beyond thankful that while our family shared germs and our kids were home from school, my husband and I could continue to work on our respective businesses. We have incredible teams in all of them to help cover for us, which is a HUGE blessing. In February, my organization had our best month yet by every metric.

I kept thinking these past few weeks - WHO CAN SAY THIS? If your family had to stay home for a month would your business and your income continue without interruption? Would this wipe you out or could you continue with business as usual?

This week, I’m incredible thankful my family is healthy and that we’ve come through unscathed medically. Everyone is healthy and that's a gift I don't take for granted. I’m so grateful that I said yes to coaching and that I have learned so many skills to manage my emotions. I’m thankful for my mentors & the work I’ve done these past 2.5 years to create this income, impact outside the 4 walls of my home, and the FREEDOM to work from anywhere. Even when “anywhere” actually means my home and backyard for 3+ weeks. ❤️🙏🙌👏


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