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Done Is Better Than Perfect

In this morning’s post with my ridiculous morning hair and thoughts on a morning routine, I bring you this trustworthy maxim:

“DONE is better than PERFECT.”

If you started reading the Bible in a Year with me at the beginning of 2023 and fell off track - don’t try to catch-up or make-up. Simply start today with today’s reading and pick back up the habit/ritual of a daily reading. If you do that, you know when you’ll get to the parts you skipped? Next year - because the ritual has been established.

Some mornings I don’t want to get on the floor and do 50 crunches and 20 push-ups. You know what I tell myself? Just do 2. Then, when I’m on the floor (which is the important part) I can decide if I want to do 2 or 50. Usually, automaticity takes over and I do the whole 50, but the hardest part is simply getting on the floor and into motion. If I can do that? Just get started? Then, I’m in business.

I’m a HORRIBLE email checker, but part of my morning routine now is to check email and mint my expenses in our budget app for 2 minutes each. That’s if. If I tell myself, ”2 minutes,” I’ll actually do it and it helps me keep under control instead of under water. Sometimes - once I’m in there, I’ll keep going. Other times when 2 min hits - I’m out. The hardest part is simply opening up Gmail or logging into Mint - once I'm in, I can keep going.

After I do it, I take an actual pen to my list in my actual journal & mark it as ”DONE.”

Because…DONE is better than PERFECT. It’s the ritual & routine that count. Create the habit. Then, later - if you want - you can improve it.

Structure is hard for me, so I want to share my little hacks I’ve learned along the way!

I hope its helpful!


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