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Don't Stay Stuck

We are most powerfully positioned to serve the person we once were.

I remember this business trip with Tim to the most beautiful castle resort in the most beautiful city of Banff. I was so happy to be away with my husband, but I was uncomfortable. I felt self conscious. I felt like an embarrassment to my husband. He never made me feel like that, but I couldn’t stop thinking it. I wanted to be an asset to him on this business trip with his investors and all I felt like was…not that. I went snowboarding with some of the wives and was horrified to realize I’d gotten so heavy I could not even stand up from my heel edge! I had to flip over and push off every time.

Listen. This isn’t a number on the scale issue. It’s a heart issue. It’s tackling your health so you feel empowered, not defeated. It’s having energy, confidence, and vitality for the long game. Learning to be in control of your choices.

I coach a program focused on health and habits. And, I know I can help you at every stage. If the medical weight loss shots had been a thing when I was in this place, I 100% would have tried them. So, know this - whether you are wanting to pursue health with or without the aid of the shot, I have a plan for you. My clients that are using this tool tell me that with the help of the shot, their brains are calming down so they really can focus on the hard work of changing habits. As a company, we are rolling out new programs for our clients that are on ozempic or semi-glutides that will help ensure you get adequate protein, plus the support of a coach & community, that WILL HELP YOU change your habits for a lifetime.

Don’t stay stuck. I’d love to connect with you to see if one of the programs I coach is a fit. I’m rooting for you to be healthy in all of the ways. I’m really good at what I do and if this is something you’re ready to pursue in the new year, let’s talk this week.

Can you relate to how I used to feel? And, if you could paint a picture of any goal you have for 2024, what would it be? Share below.




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