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Discipline Brings Freedom

It’s two days after Labor Day and DAY TWO of an 8 week challenge my crew of coaches are leading with our clients. The actual goal? To grow in discipline to achieve more of what we truly want.

In August, I started back into discipline myself - utilizing our structured nutrition plan, Optavia’s Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s), 2-3 workouts a week, plus daily sit-ups/push-ups.

In 30 days, I am down 7lbs and I can visibly SEE more muscle definition. I’ll share the 30 days from August results of a few of the coaches I work with directly over the next few days.

This is THE SEASON to exercise discipline and get into structure. You have a long run with no major holiday! My clothes fit better. My abs feel tighter. I have more energy as a result of 30 days of focus. I’m THRILLED to see what we accomplish the next 8 weeks.

We have A LOT of support available right now if this is something you want to do for yourself. If you don’t have a coach, I AM taking new clients. If you are a client of mine or one of the coaches I work with directly and you want to join this challenge, let me know ASAP and I’ll add you. You don’t have to be on my program to join the challenge - FYI.

ALSO - tonight, we have a webinar open to all with “Killer Strategies to LEVEL UP in Your Health from Labor Day to Halloween.” Join us tonight at 6PM PT. Info in comments.

Discipline brings freedom. Period. In EVERY AREA of our lives. What can you give up for a season to get more of what you TRULY WANT?

“The wise recognize that pleasure is not the same thing as happiness. Pleasure is about dopamine; happiness is about serotonin. Pleasure is about the next hit to feel good in the moment; happiness is about contentment over the long haul, a sense that my life is rich and satisfying as it is. Pleasure is about want; happiness is about freedom from want… happiness comes as the result of disciplined desire. In every area of life—from sex to diet to money—happiness, or the good life, is what happens after you discipline your desires. You have to curb some of your wants and cultivate others.”

- John Mark Comer


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