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A Worthy Goal

I still remember how this felt. I still remember the excitement. The joy. Standing on this spot with my man on the deck at sunset. The dreams awakened aboard this cruise ship.

In March of 2018, I took my husband on a vacation that I earned. On my own efforts. An all expense paid reward for accomplishing a goal in my coaching business.

11 years ago, when my daughter was born I officially “retired” from my career in commercial real estate to be a full time mom to my 4 precious kids. Yes, I ran our rental homes (that’s how I got to stay home) but I stepped out of the professional world and stepped full time into mom world. That, in itself, was a realization of a dream we worked hard for and I was SO thankful. But, if I can be honest, the season with young kids (4 under 8 ) was mundane. I remember thinking - I have no hobbies, I never even wear shoes. I loved supporting Tim in his career and it was a conscious, deliberate choice we made. I wanted to raise my babies and be the one to experience it all with them. BUT - still I had a longing. It felt like what he was doing was so interesting outside of our 4 walls & I rarely even got a shower.

5 years ago, after losing 40+ lbs, I decided to step into coaching; and what I found was a vehicle for growth & impact & as it turns out, I was good at it. I could do it alongside full time motherhood. I THRIVED with a goal.

This cruise was that for me. A worthy goal. Working hard to earn an all expense paid trip for 2 to the Caribbean…food, sailing, tropical islands, grown-up dinners with new friends? It was magical.

I heard it this morning: “It’s not about the goal. It’s about who you become in pursuit of that goal.” And, who I’ve become these past 5 years as I’ve grown this nationwide coaching business? Thats meant everything.

Our company just announced another incentive trip. Our first since c*vid canceled all the things. On that trip, it was just me & Tim. I was brand new. On this one, I plan to help 20 of my current and new coaches earn the trip for themselves and a guest through a lot of hard work and some serious personal growth. Think that sounds fun? And, a little scary? Good. Goals SHOULD give you butterflies in your stomach. If your goals don’t scare you a little they might be too small.

Thinking about that stay at home mom who never wore shoes and what it meant to her to reach this milestone and treat her husband to a luxury vacation? Remembering how this felt makes me cry. I love who she was, but I also love who she’s become.

Can you relate? Has there been a goal along the way in your journey you remember as a milestone moment?


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