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I’m a big believer in the side hustle.

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

It’s how we got ahead. It’s how we built back from the blows we took in 2008. Tim & I were legit wiped out in the last recession. Even though we took a big pay cut, mercifully we kept our jobs.

And, then we hustled in the margins.

Timothy spent every spare moment (while we were chasing babies) learning, studying, growing, and practicing different models to invest. When the time was right we took a risk and found investors and went to WORK buying single family rentals. We fixed them up on nights and weekends, found renters, and built up a small portfolio. While Tim was working full time & me part time. With 3 small kids who helped clean, show properties, drive sites. We did it all together as our family business. By the time we were managing 15, and I had my 4th baby, we’d replaced my income and I was able to stay home.

The lessons he learned from that start prepared him to take bigger risks and do bigger deals.

Guys, don’t discount the value of hard work and the side hustle. There’s no work beneath you and, if you’re hungry, humble, and smart - there will always be an opportunity.

Most of the friends I know who have built up financial security have spent less than they made and have worked really freaking hard in the margins. Some would say they’re lucky, but I don’t think it’s that - I think it’s hard work, vision, taking calculated risks, and hustle.

From the professionals we know with great day jobs, building up real estate portfolios in the margins so they don’t always have to sell their time for money, to the MANY friends I know with home based businesses building financial freedom - do not discount the side hustle. Find something you think you could be passionate about and go to work.

Y’all know I politely declined the opportunity to Health Coach for a year before I said yes. I didn’t want to do it! In my gut, though, I knew it was another way for us to build security for our future, to hopefully never be in a 2008 type situation again. Turns out that was a really good decision.

Here’s the thing - there’s no guarantee of success with any risk or side hustle. But, if you don’t ever step out brave and try, you’ll never know.


PS: sometimes I hate making posts like this, because I don’t want you to think I have it all figured out. I don’t. I just think it’s worth the risk to share and be vulnerable with our story because I never want someone to think we “woke up like this.” I hope that makes sense.

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