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54 Lbs is HEAVY

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

OK, it turns out that 5️4️lbs is HEAVY!!! No wonder everything used to hurt.

This5️4️lbs of sugar represents the weight I’ve lost. Weight that is GONE FOREVER.

Our health tribe is doing a challenge right now to show ourselves and the world just how far we've come in our health. Holding this much weight is an incredible visual and a powerful reminder of just how far I have come in my health these past 3 year. I feel so much better in my skin and in my clothes!!

Thank you Deborah Giles for introducing me this amazing program, I love the community of support!

Helping 100’s of friends and family has been the game changer for me! Its been “next level” accountability! Never going back.

I’m in this for LIFE🙌🏻


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